Should I just end it or not let this stop me?

Okay so I went through a harsh break up last year. Over the summer, I had a rebound guy and I'm over my ex now. When I came back to school, I started hanging out with a kid that's been trying to get with me since last year around the time before me and my ex broke up. We're basically a thing now, and both established that we really like each other. My problem is, he likes me and sleepsover, but I'm usually the one to text him first to hang out. He rushes over most of the time when I ask if he wants to hang, but we won't text every day. Is it weird how we don't see each other every day and I'm usually the one to initiate hanging out? (he also has a SERIOUS bromance with his roommate and he smokes a lot... so forgetful?) (Also I sometimes think he's scared to ask to hang out because we usually hang out in my room). The reason why I'm asking if I should end it is because I'm absolutely terrified of being hurt again and I completely overthink every little move the kid I'm with now makes... because it stems back to being hurt again. But, I know I'm always going to have this fear. My gut feeling says we will go somewhere, so I just don't know if "being scared" should stop me from something that could be great. I have severe anxiety so I feel like I seriously am making this more complicted than it is. Help?


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  • He's not that into you. Leave him alone