How to interpret the following from a girl?

Hi all,

The girl I'm seeing is abroad and hasn't been talking much lately. So I sent her a Facebook message and just asked her if we are dating? Or just friends? Or which way I should head so I can start to move forward in either direction.

She is a really good friend and she has seen the message but not replied. How should I interpre this lack of reply?
- she is interested in dating
- she wants to be friends
- she is thinking but doesn't know what to say

What should I do from here on in? Press for a reply or just to wait it out and see if/when I get an answer? Can we still be friends or see each other after asking a question of that nature.

Any help or advice is appreciated :)

Thanks for helping questiom is closed to await an answer


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  • It probably means that she is not that interested. Are you certain that you're still seeing her?

    • As far as I know I am. She said she will see me when she's back and we can go out like normal. However she seemed distant whilst abroad. Would this indicate that she sees me more as a friend but can't break it off with me?

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  • I say give it some time. While you said she is abroad , you didn't say if it was for studies or vacation or what. If it is for studies she may be doing just that and doesn't need to extra pressures of having an ultimatum placed on a potential relationship that could cause her to act irrationally and make a decision that wouldn't be what she would normally make

    • Hi,
      She was travelling abroad with a friend. If that helps, also her best friend (female) has moved to another city. Would this make a difference?

    • So should I just leave it with her and not contact her at all and wait to see what the reason is?

    • Yes in all honesty you souls wait. If you try contacting too much it will come off as being pushy. If she doesn't contact you within a week just send her a short text asking how she is doing , that will be enough to let her know you haven't given up

  • Yes you can still be friends. She might be pondering the question

    • Thanks for your opinion. I assume that I just got to wait it out now and see what happens from here on?

    • Yeah that's about all you can do

    • Thanks, I will wait and see