I love him a lot but he's bad?

he told me he likes me back
now he won't even look at me
my brother sits by him and says
he shows him pictures of fit girls
in bikini and I realize I will never be
that way... I'm so upset
I don't know what I did wrong but
confess to him that i liked him


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What Guys Said 2

  • He isn't bad, the girl I talk to/hook up with tells me my friends are even hot. It doesn't mean he doesn't think your hot, he obviously likes you. Just don't over think it, evey guy will say a model is hot but at the end of the day they just want that special girl.

  • amen.



What Girls Said 1

  • You were being honest and brave. Telling someone how you feel is a tough one to go and you did it. Be proud.
    The way he reacts is childish and if he doesn't come around to being a man and sticking up for that and his girl.. Then you deserve better