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I thought it was impossible to fall in love at 16, and in such a short time period, but it happened to me. You can say I'm young, I don't understand etc. but I know. After a 3 week cruise I've completely fallen in love with this boy, 7 months older. He is perfect for me in ever single way, I have never connected more with anyone in my life. The problem is we live in different states, and we had to say goodbye 3 weeks ago, worst day of my life. At first we talked all the time, FaceTimed and called, and he would tell me how much he missed me and how he still liked me. He's writing a song about me, he says if he had the money he'd visit. I asked him what we were, and his response was basically 'I would love something to happen between us, but we live in different states, but I don't want to lose you.' I'm so confused, one minute it's like he loves me and the next he's not talking to me for 2-3 days! And trust me, he is NOT a player. we've started talking less, just the occasional text, and usually just short answers, he usually takes hours to reply. I feel like we're starting to drift apart, like he's forgetting about me, but then he will change and say something that means the opposite. I love him so much. Will this ever work? What do I do?


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  • You basically are in a situation where u find the right person at the wrong time, I say break up its unfair to both of you at such a young age to go through such issue, if it's meant to be maybe in the future u can seek each other out, but now if you truly love him let him go, both of you need to explore the world and it's people on your own.


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