How to make her interested in you?

Girls and guys, how do you get your crush to be interested in you, apparently i posted earlier that when i text my crush she responds with small text which makes me think im bothering her or annoying her but as in my thoughts why would she give me her number if she's not intrested in me. Stuff aren't gatherting up. So is there any way to make her more intreseted in me. I have thought about meeting up in person , but i just dont feel confortable enough to talk to her like having a small date me and her alone you know what am sayin ;) . She used to be in my school but she have changed , she is a grade higher. Any suggestion on making her intresested by text some how? Once i have a good feeling , like we kinda have a bond together , were confortable around each other by texting , ill facetime or call her ya know.


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  • Rule 1 is basically Don't judge girls' intentions by the length of their texts.
    Rule 2 goes something like a girl with give you her number if she's comfortable communicating with you; texting... I daresay phone calls.
    Rule 3 is if you like her ask her to go on a date

    You want to establish a long distance relationship by text? Regrettably it's not so much what you say when it comes to making a woman like you (unless she is a danger to herself~~), it's what you do.

    What can you do in order to make her like you from a distance? Are you sure you want to go down this path? Are you really 24? :P

    • You see my point is that by the length of their text and can't keep the conversation going. Phone calls bruh, i'll start stuttering freakin' crazy I like her and i want to go on a date but how do you want me to go on date with if i can't really even manage to keep a conversation going on text. No i dont want a long distance relationship , i hate that , i had it before and i don't want it back.

      lol im actually 16

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    • Sent.

    • Thanks for mho! Good luck with your quest.

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  • If you don't meet up what's the point.