Is he saying I'm his girlfriend?

I don't want to ask lol we've been dating for like 2 weeks.. We really hit it off but he doesn't live in the same state as me he was visiting home when we met and is now over 1000 miles away he made two comments that had me kinda confused lol. He told me his supervisor asked if he had a girlfriend he said yes and just now we were talking about something and he's like tell them you have a boo thang and I said who and he said him.. And I just looked confused and he's like you have a boo and I dropped it lol.. He flat out never asked me to be his girl and I haven't dated in a while so I'm kinda stupid with it lol. We both aren't seeing anyone but each other and talked about we both see long term things with each other but I'm just not sure if he's saying I'm his girlfriend now lol.. Thoughts

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  • It seems he is Saying... More in Store here, dear.
    Gradually Keep Nursing and Nurturing this special LDR and when the Tedious time is right again, maybe face to face, or even on Skype... Teasingly bring it up in a sexy way so you both are on the same page.
    No need to talk about it right now. He is telling everyone what you both are about. Give this a little more time and see if things are still going Mother Nature's way every day.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much.. That's why I didn't want to ask I'm thinking just got with it

    • Go with the nice flow for now, sweetie.. see if anything might or not might not change. When even Valentine's day rolls around, see where you both are at and maybe this would then.. be a good time down the love line.
      So welcome and happy to oblige. xxoo

    • Thank you, sweetie, for your own Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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  • Maybe but I am not sure

  • he's scared of commitment. this way he can treat you like his girlfriend w/o feeling bound by his own words

    "will you be my girlfriend?"

    • He does treat me like his girlfriend maybe I'll just ask

    • Yea I read that wrong, that's what confuses me tho he says that he's looking for long term with me etc but I guess that makes sense lol

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