Girls, Girls under 22 would you date a guy who lost his hair?

I have a type of alopecia, it's not totalis so I will keep my eyebrow luckily but scalp hair thinned enough that shaved bald is the only option I have, listen girls please be honest here, if you've never found a guy with a shaved head attractive don't say you could then I want to know solely based on physical attractiveness if you could find a guy this young attractive without hair... I admit looks matter even have very high standards I only want something real though so while it may be tough I'll uphold those standards even if it means I'll end up alone, I tell you this to encourage honesty, and thanks for your time (in only 20 by the way which is why I ask for girls young opinions)

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  • A guy can still be physically attractive without hair, I would date a bald guy
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  • Bald is a turn off to me so young couldn't look past it
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  • While it's not bad, this young I really wouldn't want to be with a guy who lost his hair, I probably would hold out for hair
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Here's the thing that blows about it; a man can do nothing about hairloss, treatments don't work and honestly it's ridiculous so much emphasis is put on hair. Still I won't lower my standards. I have high standards on a girls looks myself, she must be slender and must have a pretty face, hair I don't care much about, as long as she isn't pudgy at all and is attractive overall I'm fine but I won't settle just because so many dislike bald


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  • There are men who can really pull it off to look good. Feel comfortable with who you are and girls will come flying at you. I'm 18 and I would

    • I'm sorry but even being confident has still gotten only rejection and 'ewws' etc from attractive girls I go for, looks matter so I can't judge them for that (unless they are the moral pride type who claim looks don't matter when they do)

      I mean honestly on the flip side, a plain or average girl could have a ton of confidence, like all the same things as me, and I would still never consider dating her, physicality is human and I'm unashamed of admitting that, I don't want you to think I don't appreciate your answer just wanted to share my experience with confidence etc, even with it I've been rehected near ten times and haven't even had a girlfriend yet.

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    • Remember I got high standards too (no disrespect to you friend obviously as I've never seen her) I just feel like most above average attractive girls would turn down bald for hair, also do you know if he was bald when they met? Stupid I know, but sometimes it's different if a guy losses it or shaved after they're together

    • He was bald and she is more than a looker... A little bit too short to model, but else she would.

      I guess you should accept yourself and feel comfortable and then it will soon turn out to be alright

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  • Honestly, there are some pretty hot bald/buzz cut guys that I really fancy... So no, it wouldn't bother me at all!

  • Sorry my dad is bald I couldn't do it

    • So how does that relate at all? My mom has brown hair, but I'd date girls with brown hair, unless you have some kind of mental issue with your father like he beat you or something I don't see the issue

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    • Do you think it's really that subjective though? For example and I don't say this to insult anyone, I can honestly say most guys at least all in my social circles strongly dislike bigger gals, and I worry bald is like that, strongly dislike generally, like I said I have high standards on looks so I can't be a hypocrite in that regard if it is, but if it's subjective enough that I have a chance with 40-50% of the attractive type I go for ill have no worries

    • Bald is not the new fat. You'll be just fine. Lots of girls - obvious by the comments - are saying they like bald dudes. Bald is not like obese, nobody likes obese, and some like bald. There is a difference

  • Yass I'n a 20 yr old female and would find in very attractive.
    P. s your score exer points if you have a beard. :)