Should I expect to spend Valentines Day with him? or should I get him a small Valentine's Day present?

We were together for 6 months and he broke up with me last month, during the break up we never stopped contacting each other, he stay up until midnight to wish me Merry Christmas and happy new year. He also voluntarily came and pick me up from airport.

Last week we have decided we are dating each other again, however we are not jumping back into the BF/GF title right away as he is unsure if he broke up with me cos he is not into me or he has committment issue. He bought a self help book and we deciede to go from there.

We are not sleeping with each other and seeing each other once a week and he still pick me up, drop me off, takes me to his sports and show PDA in public.

He probably will not even finish reading the book until then, I'm not sure what to expect for Vday?


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  • Just don't have any expectation. Don't even bring Valentines Day up. If he really was a commitment phobe, it will only makes him run quicker.

    He probably is conflicting if he should spend that day with you. You can prepare a small gift in case if he gets you one. If he is not getting you anything, you can return it or gift it to yourself.


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  • Ity is still a bit early in the date mate take of 'I'm not sure what to expect for Vday?'
    However, if he is not saying nor swaying your way on this Special day here, dear, Begin a little Beguine of your own by Hinting and use a little Hymning and Hawing in Letting him know that Feb14th is right around the corner. You can be subtle, not Obvious of course.
    You are probably right with the Look of the Book. But by the time things get to 'Vday,' he may have More To... Say.
    And if it s he never suggests this Sweethearts Day, let it go, Know that he still has this 'Commitment issue' and Needs more Time To... Unwind.
    No, unless you both are planning to go somewhere special or have Indoor plans even, don't go out of your own way to buy him anything But... More time down this fine line to Read and hopefully One Day... Succeed.
    Good luck and fingers crossed. xx

    • Sounds like you know him well my dear. He probably wouldn't suggest anything until at least a week before. That was how he planned for my birthday. I know there will be sports on Vday so I will see him hehe I will just let it go for now.

      meanwhile I'm teasing him with suggestive videos to give him more motivation to finish the book quicker hahah not sure if that's a good way.

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    • video of me eating my vday cooking? 😂😂😂

    • Yum and thank you for the Vday Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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