Cellphones and flirting?

I think life has gotten so incredibly bland with texting. You call someone, get a voice mail...then they text you back "Got the message, what's up?" etc.

Anyways. now that I had my tiny rant. Been chilling with this really cool cute girl. When we are apart she always texts me. Would it be better to ask if she likes talking on the phone? I know some people honestly do not.

Or should I just call her when I know she is not busy?


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  • when I'm talking to and trying to get to know a guy, I like texting him during the day. that way I can talk to him no matter what I'm doing (at school, out with friends, etc). it's also really good to talk on the phone. I found that it works best for me to talk to the guy at night, like before bed. if you're worried about her being busy, tell her to call you when it's a good time for her, that way you don't have to worry about interrupting her. trust me, if she likes you, she WILL call.

  • I think we're so impersonal with communication these days.

    I prefer talking face-to-face with someone I like, but a phone call is kinda sweet.

    It's better than texting at least. :)

    So yeah, give her a text asking when she'd be free for a phone convo.

    • Yeah, well la chica bonita lives 30 minutes away. so face time is limited. we text all the time, and I always know she's free. but I don't know if calling her would be annoying or not lol

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