I think I really hurt this girl, what should I do?

we've been texting for like a month. she's in the army so she only comes home on the weekends or once every two weeks. i was out of the country for 3 weeks as well. she was always playing hard to get.

i finally get home, and she's home too. so she invited me to this party a few days ago. i go to the party and she's just wasted and bouncing around everywhere running around from person to person. kind of a turn off.

long story short, she caught me hooking up with another girl in her room. she walked in the door, saw us hooking up, and turned around. what should i do? should i apologize? or like just stop talking to her


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  • you are such a jerk. You hook up with another girl IN HER ROOM at a PARTY SHE INVITED YOU TO because she was drunk and you thought it was a turn off? She's definitely hurt. If you apologize to her she may consider talking to you and giving you another chance, so don't message her. Just leave her alone and let her get over it on her own.

    • i will apologize to her cause i want another chance. the girl was so drunk her face was red

  • Oof this is tough. Was there a commitment like חבר and חברה?
    Best thing would be i think to be straight and open with her tell her how you feel and than give it sometime.
    If it does not help than that's a bummer but it is.
    Just a word of advice would be if you recouncil you are going to have to prove yourself worthy to her.
    Pm me if you want
    הצלחה ☺

    • thanks but to be honest, i dont owe her anything. i dont owe her any opology or explanation.

      and also, in this case, we say בהצלחה :)

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  • Even though i'm only 14 I think that it matters if that kiss was emotional or just a kiss:
    If it meant nothing than you should apologize and explain that it doesn't mean anything but if it was emotional you should explain to her that people move on and like other people and that she should accept it.
    Hope I helped!

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