Guys in relationships: do you fancy other girls?

Guys, when you have a girlfriend, even if it's a happy relationship, do you still fancy other girls? If yes, do you fancy them as much as you would if you were single? For example if you met a pretty girl who you got on with, would you still be attracted to her, or would the fact that you have a girlfriend mean that you don't fancy other people?


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  • This is one of those questions where there's two answers. The first one is the answer that our girlfriend wants to hear, and what we probably will say if the question comes up. That answer is "Of course not, I only find you attractive, none of the other girls compare!"

    The reality is, YES, guys will find other girls attractive no matter how much they are attracted to and in love with their girlfriend/wife. Now, this answer might be hard for the woman to understand or be OK with and it's probably not the answer that she wants to hear, so guys will probably tend to lie. But the reality is, no matter what, guys will find other females attractive, physically and sometimes even as far as how they act.

    BUT... that doesn't mean that there is any intention or motivation to act on those attractions. This is the big thing with porn. Just because a guy watches and beats off to porn while in a relationship does not mean that they don't find their partner attractive, sexy, etc. nor does it mean that they have any desire to cheat or have sex with other women.
    It's just how the male brain is wired, and is different than the female brain.

    If you go way back in time, there was an era when survival wasn't guaranteed, there were a lot more risks around us. For the sake of keeping the population from dying off, it was in the best interest of evolution for males to "spread their seed" far and wide... by impregnating many women, the odds of those genes surviving to reproduce eventually again and keep things going were increased. Sticking with just one woman was risky, because the male and/or the female might get sick and die or get attacked by some other predator and not make it, and even if the female had the child, the odds weren't so good that the child would survive to adulthood. So it's genetically programmed for us to want to increase our odds of reproduction by NOT being monogamous.
    Obviously culture has changed, and there are fewer threats to our survival these days, and with STD's and all it's actually probably better for us to stick with one partner only. But deep in our brains, from thousands of years ago, we're still programmed to be attracted to (for the purpose of reproduction/survival) multiple women.

    Most decent guys won't act on these thoughts / impulses though, so there's not anything really "wrong" with being attracted to other girls outside of a relationship. As long as it doesn't result in action.

  • Do I fancy them as in do I find them attractive? Yeah attrative girls are attractive


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