How can I help my girlfriend calm down?

My girlfriend is upset because she had a bad dream. She dreamed that there was a bad winter storm coming she said it was the most powerful biggest strongest winter storm ever. She said it was like a tornado and hurricane put together. She said she was helping her favorite band get there stuff out of they're truck when the storm came she tried to hold on to the truck but the wind blew her away that's when she woke up. She was scared of tornadoes and bad storms now she's even more terrified of them. We never get tornadoes or hurricane around here we never seen or been through one but we had some bad storms around here. She watched a show last week about tornadoes it kind of scared her. She unzipped her pajamas because she was hot but it didn't help she's still hot. She's pregnant with twins she can't go back to sleep but it's too early for her. I wanted to hug her but she got mad at me and scared because she's afraid I'll hurt the babies. How can I calm her down?


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  • Jeeze! Sucks to be in your position man...
    Sometimes there's nothing that you can do to "Fix" the problem, but maybe just letting her talk about it (if she wants) and just listen / empathize with her. Maybe some hot tea or putting on a funny TV show or movie would help?

    Nothing like a little Family Guy to provide a comical distraction :-)

  • While reading, I wanted to suggest that you'd hug/hold her, but the final sentence made clear that isn't really an option.

    In situations like this, letting her know you are there for her is most important. You cannot single-handedly help her get rid of her fear for tornadoes and bad storms, and that is okay. When you are sitting next to her, hold her hand and tell her that you are there for her. If it feels appropriate, ask her if there is anything you can do to make her feel better.