I think I like this girl now but what do I do from here?

So there's this girl at my school we were put in a group chat together with other friends and I never really focused on her kinda ignored her cause I've only seen like once during school never really talked but then my wrestle season started and I'm focusing on that still but she texted one day saying can I do her a favor😊 Out of the blue I said okay it was about telling her every time her cousin wrestles I said okay then when ever I had a match should would text me and be there for me and say good job when I told her I won. She came to one of my tournaments and I was in the finals and we were in ultimate overtime or write offs and she was just cheering her heart out and saying I got this and I won then I talk to her she congratulated me and we talked I made her laugh a little then she left outta of know here when I went to get my award I didn't get to say bye then she texted me saying I did good today and that she really wanted to see me win i said thanks it was hard to pull of then I told her she looked beautiful today and she said thank you ☺️. I stop texting for a week cause I was busy then at a tourney my stupid friend took my phone and said how he wanted to be in every class with her and how beautiful she is and sent her voice message and she said well thank you☺️ And then she completey started to ignore me after he said that stupid stuff. I knew it was weird cause she was in my home room today I have never felt that awkward before she looked me for a couple seconds then would turn around then in the corner of my I could see she would look at me for like a split second I sit behind her keep that in mind so I was just quiet cause it's so awkward now cause of what my friend said to her and I don't know what to do to text her again but I'm actually afraid she will ignore me lol. And I think i actually like this girl to like I never really noticed her before but I don't know


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  • Maybe just say... I am sorry if I made you uncomfortable with the message ( even do it wasn't your fault) and say I would like to get to know you better your really cool or so. (Well if you are intrested in her just play it cool)


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