Depression changed me?

I used to hangout with my older sis and she is BAD news, she is literally a lowlife. Being young and naive she influenced me and try to drag me down with her. I became depressed lile her and my attitude changed just like her, I became irresponsible, lazy and mean. I used to be sweet, responsible, work aholic but she turned me into a wreck, I will never forgive her for this and to me she is pretty dead in my eyes. WHy are some people so toxic? she used to terrorize us while we were younger, bullying to screaming, fighting, just literally bringing us down with her. How can I get myself back?


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  • "I became irresponsible"

    And you still are, if you put the blame onto others instead of yourself.

    Grow up. It's your life, you are responsible for it. And before you don't understand that your chances to get better are close to zero.


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  • I find it weird why your Little sister is influencing you and not the other way around.
    Don't blame it on others if you lost control over yourself. Eventually it was your decision and your actions.
    Don't hate her, hate your weakness and start working on yourself then help her out.

    • my older sister it is, no I won't help her out and yes she did hurt me a lot growing up and she isn't worth anything to me anymore

    • ow woups why did I read younger xD
      anw I still think you should only blame yourself in this.
      If you know she is bad for you just avoid her for now.
      But I don t see the point why 2 sisters would end up hating on each other :/
      it is sad :(