Whats a good way to handle the guy you love being with someone else?

I have been in love with this guy for almost 4 years now and he knows how much i love and care for him and he tells me he loves me and cares for me as well. But he has just started dating this girl and i know i sholdnt get jealous becasue we are not even dating and we never really were dating. we would have flings and break them off and hook ups and that was it but i have really fallen so hard for him and can see myself having a life with him. but im not sure how to tell him what i feel and when to since he's now dating this chick on and off again. im just so hurt and i can't even be around him when he talks about her to his family or friends i have to excuse myself form the room, and when he does ask whats wrong i normally say nothing is wrong because i don't know how to tell him and don't want to be the reason him and his girl fight. can anyone please help me figure out what i should do. cause him and i have had the talk about having kids together moiving in together but that was all before he met this girl but he still wants to move in with me and im just so confused.


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  • If you both loved each other, why were you just having casual sex? That doesn't make any sense.

    • Because we didn't want to be in a relationship then and we were far apart due to school.

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    • yeah i see it that way now but back then i didn't and i just hope its not to late to try and talk to him about it

    • If you don't accomplish anything else, learn a lesson from this experience.

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  • i'd cut him out of my life. i think he likes all the attention you give him. but he doesn't feel that way about you so you have to let him go. seriously, respect yourself and move on.