I asked my crush (who is shy) if he would want to hang out sometime. He said sure & would think of something. We're going bowling, is that a date?

He didn't mention food or anything like if he was picking me up or not. I don't know what to expect and don't want to get let down if I think it's a date & its not... should i come right out and ask if its a date?


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  • No, I've "hung out" three times with my crush. Didn't mean we were dating.
    You actually have to say it's a date I guess.

    • i get where you're coming from. I feel like there's a difference between dating and going on a date

    • No--dating and going on a date are the same thing.
      Hanging out and dating are NOT the same thing.

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  • Yep, that's definitely a date.


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  • Yeah it's a date! Sounds like a fun one, too!
    If you guys are having fun, you could tell him you're getting hungry and suggest going to get a bite to eat, which would then be a good opportunity to spend a little more time talking face to face and maybe find out more about what he's interested in relationship-wise :-)

    Have fun and good luck!

  • Don't ask, go with him and see what kind of vibes you get. Maybe throw in some flirts and see how he responds.

    I believe it's a date but he might just be bored or want a friend


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