Should I address it?

I have been seeing this guy. Things seem to be going okay but... He looks at girls when we're together typically when we are at the gym. He does it in a way where it's like his neck is going to break so when I turn to see what it is, and it's typically a girl with a sports bra on or whatever. I find it to be very rude. The shitty part is meanwhile other guys r looking at me he's looking at other girls. Should I tell him and how do I apprach it? What I'm really thinking is to just to end it with us, I feel like I should never have to discuss common sense...

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  • I have answered 'Address it and work things out' because I think you should talk to him as an adult to an adult once. Honestly tell him your feelings, just normally talk to him and tell him it bothers you. If he continues doing what he has been doing so far than in my opinion it means he doesn't respect your emotions and wishes enough to stop doing something like this. I will suppose he is probably your age or a little bit older and by now he should have learned how to respect a partner and if he hasn't, well there are other fish in the sea, aren't there? I wish you the best of luck!


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  • The fact that you're contemplating ending the relationship is probably a sign that it's time to move on. If everything else was great and you felt good about it, then I'd say talk to him about the staring at other girls when he's with you because you're right, it's disrespectful to you. Not that he can't occasionally glance, but if he's with you he should at least be discrete about it.
    But it sounds (from your post) like your instinct is to call it quits... always trust your instincts...


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