I've been seeing a guy on n off for 7yrs. Why do I still get butterflies when im w/ him?

Its strange. Like on the one hand when we r together, especially when we are sleeping together (and i mean sleeping, not having sex) i feel more safe and comfortable than pretty much anywhere else. But like i still get nervous and it takes a bit of courage sometimes, like ill have a hard time saying what i mean to say sometimes and later am thinking damn i shoulda said this or that the way you would if it were a new relationship. We have been through a lot together and i think we have both come to accept each others faults over the years and are pretty comfortable acknowleging them, which was not at all the case in the first couple years which were quite tumultuous at times when our expectations of one another were misplaced and subsequently led to fights. So with how much we have grown to overcome our issues and accept one another it just seems odd to me that im not totally comfortable all the time with him like i have been in relationships wherein im not genuinely that close to the person at all.


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  • It sounds like you love him unconditionally and don't want to mess it up.


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