I can't stop thinking about him?

I was friends with this guy for a few years and it's safe to say that I was and still am in love with him he liked me too because he wanted to take our friendship a step further and has asked on multiple occasions but I was always afraid to loose our friendship and he also lives overseas which made me feel like 2/3 visits a year wouldn't be enough in a real relationship. A few months ago he felt tired of me shutting him down and we started drifting apart we also both started university which made us really busy, I dated a few guys in those few months and even while we were talking but I could never feel the same way about them as I felt about him, he also dated someone else but it didn't last. I keep thinking about him and can't stop its nothing like I felt about anyone else before but I don't know especially that I know that he is tired of me always shutting him down, but how can it work from halfway across the world with no connection and having him there when I need him the most. What would you do in my situation?


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  • Come to terms with it and accept the fact that it ain't gonna work especially since both of y'all have been seeing others in between.


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