Should I keep fighting for her?

Hi, I just need a perspective here. I was dating this girl for 3 months. I bought her Christmas gift, took her hiking, took her to the beach and nice restaurants. We really had a great time together. Pockets of conflicted started occurring once we got to know each other more. Every time I ask her out, she would say 'I'll see' and never gave me a time to reschedule. Of course she would eventually say yes later. This is a big problem as I don't know if she is saying no to me or no because she was busy. So I sort of pressured her 2 months down the road. We had a huge discussion over text. The text is always lame due to lack of tone and full of misunderstandings. So I want to talk to her face to face. She said no because she likes me and might change her mind. She had a conflict with God because I don't go to church. I'm a Christian, and said I would like to go with her. She knows this. Then she blocks me. She never gave me Christmas gifts or anything. Since we work in the same company, different department, I bought her coffee with a note that I will be patient. One week later, she doesn't even want to talk to me except hi and bye. Should I keep fighting for her? We got so much in common but she seems to close her heart.


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  • If you really have to ask this question, then you probably shouldn't. And given your story, I'd say she isn't worth it.