She wants to take things slow and build a relationship first. Is that a good sign?

Things have been going really good with this girl. I'm a virgin and she's not. She rushed in past relationships and because of thay the people she had sex with changed on her. She thinks i'm a rely nice guy and she doesn't want to ruin by having sex so fast. I'm willing to wait as long as she wants, my question is though is it a good thing that's she taking it slow or is she just keeping her options open until someone better comes along? She sees us being in a relationship.


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  • I am not certain. Both are possibilities.
    1. She may be interested in you but she is uncertain/wants to keep her options open.
    Or 2. She may have regretted her behavior in the past and she wants to do things right this time.

    • We'very only been together for about two weeks and started cuddling not too long ago. We still like to hangout and she wantd us to be in a relationship but doesn't trust me enough to believe that I won't turn into another ex because she went through a similar situation when they had sex too fast.

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  • Like you said, her past changed has some effect on her decision of wanting to take things slower