How should I ask this girl out?

So this Wednesday I was shopping and noodling around at a local mall and chatting with people to do something. As I was walking around some cute chick working in a store caught my eye. I didn't really catch her face too well but her hair and body was beautiful. I walked around some more thinking about her and then finally decided to go back and just talk ter her and get a feel for her. I walk in the store (LUCY) and am greeted by some older women around my moms age. The woman seemed excited to have a guy in the store. I'm 6'5" so I attract attention like tenfold. Anyway, I told her I was getting a gift for my mom. She was thrilled and was showing me everything lol. She kinda threw off my main plans... The younger chick finally chimed in and was helping me as well. She seemed happy to help me but I also felt like we had a connection. I never got around to getting her number. I was in the shop for a good half hour browsing around and left the store not buying anything but shaking hands and getting the chicks name. I told her Id probably be back again sometime soon.

I thought about her the next couple of days thinking when I should go back. I thought maybe a week or two but something told me I should go sooner. I went back three days later.

I casually walk into the store and am a little nervous. There are a lot of women shopping in it. She was helping some other people find clothes. Her coworker that day was adorable. I think they were good friends. She was the one helping me. Im pretty sure the girl I liked was wondering why I came back and I think she knew that I wanted to get her number. I think she had been talking to her friend about me as well. I had a sense that her friend knew I was the guy she was talking about...

The entire time I didn't get a chance to say anything to the chick. she was answering the phone and helping people. I stayed in the store for a good amount of time to see If it would let up. It didn't. Luckily as I was checking out and walking out she smiled and said hi. I did the same.
I was hoping that the hoody that I got for my mom wouldn't fit so I could go back for a less obvious reason.

What should I do now? Should I just go back and be straight up with her? I long should I wait?


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  • yeah I think that you should go for it.


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  • Just say itπŸ’πŸ»

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