Why don't guys try as hard?

like when a girl always texts first, or is the one asking to hang, or has to pick what to do when they hang out


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  • Why don't guys try as hard as what? I don't quite understand the question.

    For not texting, there are several reasons why he might not text first. As a personal example, I often let my girlfriend call me when she wants to talk, primarily for the reason that her phone is usually off, not with her, on silent, or something like that. About 70% of my phone calls aren't picked up, so it's just easier for her to call me when she wants to talk. Same could apply to texting. Alternatively, he might not have a reason to text you because he has nothing to talk about. If you have something you want to talk about, then he could be open to discussing that, but there's not really any reason to start a conversation if he has nothing to talk about. Also, he could just not like texting, so he doesn't want to initiate it.

    For asking to hang, he could be satisfied with the amount you decide to hang. If he decided to ask you to hang, then you'd end up hanging more (possibly more than he wants to). Since he's alright with what he has, he doesn't feel like hanging out more.

    For picking what to do, what's wrong with you picking? You know what you like more than he does, so whatever you pick is going to be something you like (because a decision he makes isn't necessarily going to be one you enjoy). The decision making should be a joint process rather than just the guy or just the girl, but he might just be okay with whatever you choose to do.

    • Texting: well he doesn't text me back when he is around certain people. and he didn't even have texting until we were talking and I was the main person he was texting anyways.

      Hanging: but we don't hang much at all. we used to all the time, but that was with friends and sometime alone. and I now I only see him at school. and still there we don't talk much.

      picking what to do: I'm not picky at all with what we would do as long as we were hanging together. and when I ask him he only says "idk".

  • Because trying is hard.


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