Do you believe in fate? Read this?

I was messing around during the day time on chatroullete because I was really bored.. I came across this guy found him very attractive. Loved his smile, he had a baby face considering he was 23. Silly but I was actually interested in him. There was just something about him.. That made my heart flutter. Its a feeling I've had for only one other person, anyway.. we started talking, he told me he was deployed in Japan so guessing it was night time there since I'm from the US. We exchanged kiks and started talking on and off threw out the months. I believe we met sometime in November of last year? I'm honestly not really sure. Anyway, eventually I send him racy pictures of me (probably not a good idea) but considering he was in Japan for a year he wanted to see an American girl someone from back home, I wanted to and we did mess around over messages. Eventually he cut me completely off and we didn't talk to each other for a long time, I mean months. Randomly I snapchated him saying "why don't we talk anymore?" He didn't respond just opened it. I figured he was busy, then one day randomly added me on snap saying "hey" forgot our exact convo... We continued to exchange pictures he wouldn't talk to me after every time. It was always about pictures.. He came back from Japan soon after a month or two. I saw him on POF (dating website) a couple of times because he lives an hour away from where I want to go to college. I decided to message him the first time and we had a very short convo. Saw him again on there decided to send him a smiley face , and we had a pretty decent conversation. He opened up to me more. Before he seemed so closed off and didn't talk about feelings. He said he had none which is immature of him.. Showed me he needed more room to grow. ( he's a marine) He would joke around and say "let's get married and move in with me" and now he is talking about how his friends and people at work walk all over him..

He never opened and admitted those things before. I don't know what to think
I asked him why he cut me off and that I didn't want to be used for only pics and he said..

" was deployed in Japan, I'm home now things are better :) I wouldn't use you for pics I'm not like everyone else"
Something along those lines. I'm so confused , after he's done getting off he takes longer to respond sometimes not at all


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  • people can cross the limits of stupidity by asking such question

    • Agreed. Fate isn't real. I mean for every one of these occurrence, there are many more that is less fate like.

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