Girls under 22 if a bald guy your age (shaved bald) was flirting with you/talking would you give him a shot? (He had hair loss which is why he shaved?

My friend has to shave his head from some medical deal, he'll recover his hair is gone and he's only 20, he says girls really dislike his baldness and I'm curious if it's true? Please be honest, he and I fully admit we'd never dare non attractive looking girls, I want honesty in return.

  • Yeah, a guy can look good bald
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  • He'd have to be something really special for me to give a guy with no hair a chance honestly
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  • No, with all my options I probably would hold out for a guy with hair
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  • Baldness is a huge turn off to me and most attractive girls I know, so no I wouldn't give him a shot
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Only 20 by the way
Wow someone said its a turn off the most good looking girls :/


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  • Some guys can really look good bald. My boyfriend shaved off all his hair often anyway , it was something to get used to but made him no less attractive to me. If he's really insecure about it tell him to let his personality shine through, an amazing personality can overshadow that, especially if it's the right girl.

    • No disrespect but is your boyfriend black? I've noticed black guys can get away with shaved heads more than lily white guys like myself, that and white girls (the race I'm attracted to) tend to be more against it :(

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    • Like I said it's either I like them or I don't, there's no middle ground, so it's not like 'oh her eyes are larger than I usually like'. Or her hair isn't blonde etc. the only absolutes for me are complexion-lighter skinned, face- face must be very pretty I really like faces sounds weird but yeah and she must be slender- I'm a small guy I need a small girl. I'm not picky on breasts or bottom etc. so while my standards are high they aren't crazy picky

    • Well I hope you find your girl than. I wish you the best of luck.

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