My boyfriend called another girl gorgeous while we were on a fight, should I be worried?

My boyfriend and I were on a fight last week and he said to a girl "you look gorgeous" while they were alone in an elevator. In his defense he said the girl and he are good friends but I know they are not. They dont talk more than twice in a month. I have been dating this guy for 4-5 months and he can get little mean during our fights. I know he loves me but why compliment others, that too when we are fighting. Also, I checked his facebook, he had searched his ex girlfriend and some other girls during our fight, which he never does otherwise.


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  • No, at least not yet. He probably did it in order to spite you. He didn't flirt with them or cheat on you though. Tell him that you were really hurt by his behavior and you didn't expect him to do that to you. Hopefully he apologizes. If not then... there are always other options.


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