I hate it how I want to play it cool and seem to screw it up each time... any suggestions or advice?

I am the worst at the dating scene.
I get the girls number, but oppoiste of what i want to do.
I tell myself in the head "this time im gonna play it cool and not let her know i like her"
Never fails for me i go way to strong. Everytime...
Totally sucks when you wany to do things right but everytime it goes wrong.

Is it just our nature of being like that or am i just fucked up in the head?

I thought running would help me keep my head on straight.
been running 4 miles each day, i have a goal of 2016 miles this year.


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  • Just relax and don't think about it too much. Seems like you are putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself.

  • I think you just need to dial it down a bit man.