Guys, So if you seeing a guy and he stops txting back as he's busy is that really the reason?

Been seeing this guy for three months and lately he's been busy with work and personal stuff. We don't see each other much because of the distance between us so we text a lot, However he has not text back in 5 days ! Should I be worried?

Last things we spoke about were We joked around about some things then a two days later he said sorry if he's not replying he's just flat out busy with this and that.


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  • I'll just say it's possible that he's really busy. There was a girl I really loved long ago and this was like obsessive, crazy love where we were already talking about getting engaged, and I was building little dreams of having children together, buying a house, etc.

    I went on a 2-week business trip and forgot to reply to her for 12 days. I was just so absorbed in my work at the time, and she grew so upset. But while I was there, I was showing off her picture to my co-workers, and telling them she was my dream girl.

    Things like texting and e-mail just don't come that naturally to me. For guys, long periods of time can pass before they notice they have something they need to do.

    That's not so say for sure that there isn't something else going on, I just wanted to say that it could very well just mean he's absorbed in something and kind of lost track of time.

    • As a caveat, I work in a scientific and engineering field -- heavy-duty research, algorithms, taxes the brain. It's easy to get swept up and totally absorbed in our work and kind of lose track of the time. It might vary based on the nature of the work.

    • Yeah I see what your saying thanks.

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  • I would say that he's probably not interested anymore. What was the last thing you two texted about before he stopped?

    • Last thing we spoke about we were joking around about stuff. Then two days later he said sorry if he's not replying he's just got this and that on atm

    • I don't think anyone is too busy that they can't drop a simple text in the span of a day.. Maybe a loss of interest.

  • nope, be gone...

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