If a relatively confident , healthy and good looking guy can't find a girl. What is he doing wrong?

I am confident. I am funny ( My opinion and many others) I am good looking i workout regularly. I am on a healthy diet with a toned body ( 11% fat) I dont show it off tho or talk about it at all. But for the life of me i can't find a girl. I do my daily every day life and i see Girls that i find attractive are too old for me and since im 18 going up to a 22 year old i mean its stacked against me or is it? I like to have meaningful conversations honestly when i meet someone i dont do small talk. I go straight into what do you love and why. Lost of open ended questions. But i still struggle to find a girl my age or not. Like i see all the girls naming what they i want in a guy and i think to myself.. Thats me ! But im still struggling. Now i know what your thinking... " Ah your too nice" Actually no im not a nice guy at all. I tease a lot and im not scared if i offend you by being myself. Its my life i can live it how i want and so can you is my attitude. I am not a pushover. I strongly believe the guy should be the leader in the relationship i mean its in our nature. We strive to succeed break through barriers. We are suppose to be the mountains. While woman well at least feminine woman are the wind. The Mountain does not run after the wind. i strongly believe i am a catch like honestly but what could i be doing wrong here. Any ideas would be appreciated. Am i looking in the wrong places? Am i coming of a certian way? If you havve any ideas please share and we will discuss. Thank you !


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  • No, you're not doing anything wrong, as long as you are being yourself. Things tend to pop up when you stop looking for them, even girls. Relax, do something you love, and you'll meet someone.

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