Girls 20 To 24 years of age if a 18 Yr came up to you and started talking basically portraying his interest. How wld you feel and what wld you do?

Your sitting in a park , library at a coffee shop , walking down the street, at the bus stop, in the queue for something or just somewhere random. A 18 year old walks up to you. Ask for your name etc. Compliments you portays his interest. You have a conversation for a few mins. You can see he is younger than you. What would you do? How would you feel? Would you go out on a date with him? Would you give your number to him? Would you take his number? What would you think? Opinions?


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  • Why not talking to him.
    If he is 18 and + and his enought mature in his head, why not yeah

    • Has this ever happened to you before?

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    • Well we talked, had a coffee and we exchange numbers, but he is simply a friend of mine now.

    • intresting

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