How to make someone notice me on facebook without having to add the person?

So me and this guy had an eye contact thing at some disco a few nights ago. It was very clear we were insterested in knowing each other. The thing is he does not know who I am, where I study at, nothing. I happen to know who he is because he is friend of a friend of a friend and I saw him on a picture on facebook ahah it would definitly be creepy if I add him... for sure.

What should I do?


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  • Work through those friends of friends and get to meet him and talk to him that way.

    • It's no really possible, the "direct" friend is just some guy that was once interested in me but I never got to know him well you know? There is no actual friend in common.

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    • Oh well, that's a good start! It might make it easier the next time you bump into him to find something to talk about.

    • Yes, it's true. :)

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  • you're making things complicated, and he doesn't even know who you are yet.

    be direct.

    • Direct like just add him? I think that would be so strange... sometimes I think that if he wants to he will eventualy find me...

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    • Well, I did it!! Friend request sent... one day after, he accepted. But then... nothing. Nothing happened. He didn't send me any message. I think I did my part here.

    • you give up too easily.

      ask him to call you via a message =)

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