Is it a turnoff to guys when... ?

So I'm 19 (almost 20) and I'm a virgin. Not out of choice, but because I haven't met anyone yet. So... Say you were to date me, and I told you that. Would it be a turn off? Scare you? Or maybe actually be a kind of turn on?

ps: I get told I'm pretty, I'm a law student and I'm petite. So I don't think it because I'm too ugly or stupid (I hope so hahah) 😂

  • Turn off alert! Abort mission! I repeat, abort mission!
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  • That's scary... Too much responsibility
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  • Meh idgaf
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  • That's actually pretty cool. Being the first one and all.
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  • Virgins are life (no pedo)
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  • Only thing about virgins is that they require a delicate touch -- some "training" and patience, have to be very gentle, and they'll usually feel some pain and discomfort regardless of the foreplay the first few times. First time is usually not so great, sometimes even a bad experience.

    But any guy who's interested in you for more than a one night stand shouldn't care much.


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  • Relax, most guys don't care
    Just tell him so that he goes slow

  • It would not be a turn-off or a tun-on.


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