How do I ask the guy I like to hang out with me without sounding desperate?

So I'm trying get together with my crush but he's genuinely working a lot of the time I've asked him out to places a few times just as friends and he had said no because he's working and I need to meet up with him before school goes back in 4 days and I know he could be free so how can I ask again without sounding desperate?


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  • The problem isn't about "sounding" desperate, it's about "being" desperate.

    If you're asking him to hang out and he's saying "no" and he's not offering an alternative time to hang out, then he's clearly not interested in you.

    You can't trick him by sounding uninterested and cool unfortunately.

    Here's a little secret... when a guy finds a girl attractive, even slightly, he's going to go way out of his way to find time to hang out with her, especially if she's already asking to.

    Sorry dear, your efforts will be better spent on another guy who's more available. There is no pay off chasing someone who's not into us, except crushed expectations, rejection and heart break.

    Do yourself a favour and let this one go, and start meeting more guys worthy of your time?


    ~ Robby


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