He played with my feelings?

So this guy in office was after me despite knowing that I am already in a relationship and I fell for his charm too and we shared a kiss which I feel so so so bad about. Dont know why did I do it. As soon as he got me all interested, he started acting strange. When I confronted his unusual behaviour and cried, he didn't bother to call me back or anything. Its been almost a month now and I didn't hear from him. I feel bad for what I have done. The biggest pain that I am going through since the last one month is getting to see him every single day. He do not even look at me know and behave like a total stranger. What bothers me is he is already hitting on another girl in office. I dont know how should I get over this guy and my guilt.


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  • You got what you deserved. Why even get interested and kiss a guy, when you are already with someone else? You should have had the decency and courtesy to break up with your current boyfriend, before doing 'things' with this other dude.


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  • are you fking serious. you already have a boyfriend, pretty much perusing another guy while still with the dude... .. what makes you think you deserve to be treated with respect when you can't treat your own boyfriend with respect. you need a slap in the face back to reality. stupid girl


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  • When guys are all weird like that, they might also have a girlfriend, or might be on the rebound and hoping to kind of get the same feeling they had with their ex with you, only to find it's not there after the kiss.

    It's just one hypothesis, but that might explain his weird behavior, and why he's trying to do it all over again with another girl in the office.

  • Just ignore him
    He is the one who went through a loss, while u got saved

  • You sound more hurt that this didn't turn into more cheating than having betrayed your boyfriend. So you were misled and rejected by the guy you want to cheat with. Looks like you got what you deserve.

    • Thanks for being so judgmental

    • anytime for a selfish person.

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