Dating other guys can help me to move on?

first i'm only 16 year old , i know tha's young but i've been in love since my 13y with the same boy and everytime i had the chance to date a nice boy he (the guy i was in love with) suddenly he miss me and love me bla bla bla... so i finally choose to move on but it's not easy i'm still soooo deep in love with him but he don't love me like i do. so what do you advice me to?


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  • Umm move on
    Find someone who deserves ya
    Everything will be fine 😊❤

    • This 👌 not ❤ this

    • but it seems like i only attract assholes and creeps. and no matter how i try i can't forget this guy maybe i'm just unlucky in love.

    • Nah you ain't unlucky at all
      Just that you kind find a right guy
      I've been in love with a girl but nothing happened so life sucks but that doesn't means we should stop enjoying so be awesome and have fun 😊

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