Should I just give up?

Girl I've known from work for ~7 months now, always hit it off, went on multiple dates and daily contact. She isn't really allowed to date because of being arabic, but I broke through that. She always told her friends that we were "more than friends". I am super attracted to her, her personality is as close to a 10 as it comes, and being a "good girl" is a major turn on. Anyway, she goes to college and I am a senior in HS, and after work ended in November I didn't see her on the regular. We went on a date in early December on her break for Thanksgiving, went super well, I got drunk that night and kinda asked her to be my girlfriend through text, woke up next morning and said we'll talk about this in person, her responses leaned towards the positive side and she wanted to talk about it in person. Keep normal contact until Christmas break, first 3 nights of Christmas break we were exchanging texts and snaps like crazy, 3 days of normal contact later, snap got ignored, texts took multiple days. Its been the same way since, instead of selfies in response to snaps, I get nothing or a pic of the floor. I know she is extremely busy when home, she did agree to go to dinner the week before she returned to college, but told me she didn't have a car the day of.

Its been 2 weeks, other than a convo a week ago, and some ignored snaps, nothing. See this girl again at work in 3 months, but im about to just delete her from everything.


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  • "Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing to do, but to keep together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's the true strength."

    Now from what you've said up there, first ask yourself is she worth it? Worth your effort and do you care about it? Now it depends on the answer, if you say yes I'd recommend you not to stop until you get her or at least talk to her about it, but the answer is opposite then the only thing there's left to do is to give up, and look into the future.

    My opinion, hope it helped. :)


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