What is everyone's take on this?

A find of mine approached me last week saying she'd like to hok me up with this girl she works with. She told me she had been telling her about me and said they might get on my Facebook and let her see pictures of me. She got to telling me about the girl and she seem like someone who I'd be interested in. So she told me that she'll talk to her this week and she'll let me know what's going on by messaging me on facebook. Well she finally messaged me yesterday day giving me her full name and giving me her number. Well I texted her and we only text twice till she didn't text me anymore. I don't know I'd she was busy or what, this kinda stuff freaks me out. Soooooooo I don't know if I should wait til she texts me or maybe text her again sometime today, what should I do? Opinions?


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  • Hey, chill... no big deal.

    The ball is in her court. If she text you back? great, If not then move on.