Is it me being too sensitive, or he doesn' really have dating etiquettes?

Ok so I've been dating with this guy for 2 months, he seems to be nice, humorous, ... (He kinda matches all of my standards). But the thing is, whenever we go out on a date, he rarely opens the door for me, pulls my chair, once he picked up the bill so quick that I couldn't even finish my food. He drove away before I could even say goodbye. Once he picked me up and later he told me that he paid for the bill so please take the taxi home because he was too tired. Today I was so so so upset that we went out for lunch and he told me he was low on cask, couldn't find any atms for his bank, and then the money he brougt was exactly as the total price of his food and drink, so I had to pay for the rest PLUS the service fee. MOREOVER, we went out for like 6-7 times but he only texted me once after the dates, actually after our first I waited and I even texted him first and said I'm safely home... This is just too much, after the lunch today he kissed me goodbye (on my cheek) but I just felt SO FAKE and I'm really angry because I don't feel like the dates worth my time and my effort (do all the makeups and nice dress and even drive there...).

Am I being too sensitive? Or he just doesn't have manners? He's freaking over 30 and I'm sure he has at least 3 exes so he should know how to act like a man on a date!

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  • Dating etiquette and expectations aside, he just doesn't seem very polite! It probably would bother me - not the paying for meals and things like that because I'd say taking turns is fair - but just his behaviour. Bit weird.


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  • you both sound really annoying. like, who cares about the pulling the chair out and holding the door or the texting shit? but he could wait to pay and stuff. if it's that much of a problem, tell him.

  • It's both.

  • You're too sensitive and expect too much. That's what puts guys off wanting to date at all


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