How do I start talking to a girl again?

I met this about a year and a half ago. She is perfect in every way. But, in middle school I was very awkward and weird after I told her I liked her. She hasn't been allowed to date until now , but I guess she still thinks I'm creepy or weird (I'll admit I kind of was). We don't talk much except for stuff like what did you get for #6 or something like that and it will usually be me saying it. But the point is I feel kind of depressed , because I don't think she likes me (She never said or really displays signs that she doesn't but I know I would think I was weird.) But I'm not the same and I don't want to date anyone else. I want to see If she likes me at all , but I'm nervous to talk to her and don't really have anything to talk about. How do I start talking to her again?


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  • Avoid having a inner monologue and... just do it. Make small talk. Talk to her about school: class (es), school events, or a funny observation. If at all possible, get her laugh or smile.

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