Is this guy just using me because he knows I have feeling for him?

Basically, He was an exchange student half a year and we dated, were exclusive for 3 months. As I knew he was leaving I didn't expect to get much feeling, but of course I did... Eventually I told him I couldnt continue as I had feelings for him. He told me he couldnt commit. We ended it on really good terms.

Only a week later he starts to text me gain, which were just friendly and fine by me. But then it in a way grew back to what it had been. He called me everyother day just to talk, calls at night, wanting to come up, wanting to take me on dates, that we could try next year and so on... He's a talker so I didn't put much weight on his words. I told him that its hard for me to keep in touch in that way as it maintaince my feelng for him and that its not going anywhere. He said he understood.

I was pretty straight forward, but today is the second time he wants to meet up. I just dont get him, I'm so confused. If he'd been friendly all the way it would be totally fine, but he's tried several times to get back in bed with me, he's not succeeded though. I'm used to that when its over its over, which should be months ago!


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  • Even though he Knows what you want, He still hasn't deterred here, dear with what he still Wants... To get back in bed with me.
    He doesn't want to be hooked at the hip and for now, is probably Looking and lurking with a friends with benefits factor with you.
    Stick to your guns and don't back off that saddle. This cowboy Needs to either get his walking papers from your or Take to your own Word and Warning... He's not succeeded though, and just give you the Respect you Deserve and sit back and Observe. He is trying to Take advantage of your Kindness and Mistakes it on purpose with Weakness.
    Yes, a smooth 'Talker' that if I had the upper hand with this man, would send him on his High Horse tomorrow With... No sorrow.
    Good luck. xx