Guys, The Boy I Like Asked for my Phone Number Through my Friend, What Do I Do?

I have only ever liked one guy in my life, and I have for the past 2 and a half years (since I first ever met him lmao). My friends decided it was time he knew so I could try and get over it (poor choice, I think). My friend went and told him I liked him and he said, "What's her phone number, I'll text her later?"
We don't talk much whatsoever (I'm very shy and he acts shy around me too), but when we do, he overly laughs at everything I say. He also used to stare at me a lot until I said something (I have bad anxiety and I thought he was mad at me).
Right after my friend told him, I saw him walking and he looked at me and was smiling and looked back down with no change of expression.
It's been about four days- how long should I wait before abandoning all hope of him texting me? I have never done anything involving guys or anything, so I have 0 clue what to expect.
Thank you in advance. ♡♡♡


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  • i think you should step up yourself and talk to her.
    other thing you could do is, you call him as he has your phone no. he will be easily recognise you then you start talking as if you have something really important to say or whatever you want

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