I think I might be catching feelings, but I have a boyfriend already! HELP WHAT SHOULD I DO?

This guy was my long-lost old childhood friend (call him Donut). One day, around 7 months ago, he just showed up and we've been texting ever since. We would joke, and tell each other our days and whatsoever, and he occasionally flirts with me. And lately we've been making phonecalls late at night for 1-2 hours. I've never really meet him since years ago, even when we live just 30 minutes apart due to schools and stuffs.

Besides I have a boyfriend for 5 years. I would never go and just meet any guy. I love my boyfriend and am very comfortable being together with him. But he rarely even calls me and just sends me couple of texts each day (well we meet at school but still) and sleeps early as flip.

This Donut guy texts me everyday especially through the night when I do all my late night work or studies, he's really fun to talk to and he flirts a lot with me and sometimes telling me he likes me so much and he'll wait. And even it's only through the calls, the texts, or snapchats, I think I might be catching feelings for Donut but I am not sure about this. Is it just a temporary hype and excitement of being close to a guy and hist flirts? But it's been 7 months and the feelings are growing each day. I mean I never even met him for real.

What should I do? Yes I am happy with my relationship but I would not say it is an easy relationship, even if I'm not as happy as I thought I'd be, I might be feeling too comfortable with him I dont want us to change. But at the same time the feeling I have for Donut is getting bigger and Im getting attached to him too. I dont even know what to feel nor do anymore. Neither with him nor Donut.



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  • Since this has been a while, you may have already come to a decision about this conflict. My late take on this is that just allowing the matter to continue on the way it is may well lead to a very undesirable outcome. You definitely risk losing your boyfriend without deciding that you want that to end. Since you haven't seen Donut for so long you really don't know if a relationship with him is desirable or even really possible.

    You need to make a decision before the decision is somehow made for you. To me the decision is whether to stay with your boyfriend and keep the relationship the way it is, stay with him but try to improve it or end that relationship. What happens with Donut is actually a separate decision. If you decide to break up with your boyfriend, you really don't know if Donut will work out. If you decide one of the first two options, you will need to pull away from Donut to give those options a chance of succeeding.


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