May seem naive, but: Are actually people taking advantage of others?

I'm just in a situation where the three alternatives to his behaviour is either that he's stupid, he likes me or he's just disrespectful. We dated and it's ended bec he didn't want anything serious. I'm trying to move on, but he dosnt let me. Which makes me hopefull again, sadly.

He knows Im in love with him, and he's been straight forward with me that he can't give me what Im looking for. He's kept contact, I havnt. We have tried to be friends, which didn't work out. After that I told him that I need distance. A month later he wants to meet me?

I just would never in my right mind ever ever, use a person you know is in love with you. If I didn't like someone who liked me, I would never take advantage of another persons feelings. Which is why its so hard for me to wrap my head around, that he's using me, he knows Im weak for him. If I behaved like him, it would only be because I had feeling for that person back...


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  • "Are actually people taking advantage of others?"

    Yes, it's called Capitalism.


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