Is it too late?

I’ve been scared to tell him hoe I feel all along because I’m scared he doesn’t like me. I don’t know if he does. We've been hooking up for a year, and I haven't really said how I felt about him unless I was drinking. So I'm assuming he must know by now? We went on a few dates in the beginning, he asked me out, but now we’ve just been sleeping together for the last year. The reason we only went on a few dates was because we went on dates when I was home over the holidays. I was still at school then so I went back to school, three hours away. We didn't talked about our feelings for one another and things got pretty messed up. Lots of mixed signals, confusion and miscommunication between us. So we would just hook up whenever we saw eachother. He also thought I rejected him at a point, when I said things I didn't mean (I said we should just be friends when I was upset with him because I didn't know if he liked me) and he ignored and avoided me for like a month. I’ve liked him all along but I didn't know what I wanted or how he felt or where we stood. I assumed he didn't like me and it was just casual. Now I’m moving away, and it all dawned on me. I don't know how to tell him this all.. I want to tell him I do really care about him and will miss him. We kind of told eachother we like eachother when we were drunk a month ago, but I dont know if he meant it, becaue I brought it up.. He also said he was upset about me saying we should just be friends. So now I dont know if he’d care. I saw him two nights ago and he fully ignored me and avoided me... we were completley fine 2 weeks before so I dont get why all of a sudden he's like this? does he still have feelings for me? Is it too late for us to be anything more?


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  • You said it yourself, there's been lots of confusion and miscommunication. He probably didn't know what you wanted either (guys tend not to take things we say when drunk seriously - crazy I know haha). Maybe he was assuming you didn't like him and it was just casual like you were. His avoiding you now might be a reaction to you moving away, him realising he has feelings for you and how difficult you moving away from him will be.
    Unfortunately, its scary, but you two need to talk it out and figure out what you want from each other. Try to meet up sober and just be honest with him, ask his opinion and take what he says at face value. Guys are pretty straight forward, if he says he likes you too then fab. If not, then you can move away with no unfinished business and open to any other guys that might come your way :)

    • I want to meet up with him obviously sobber haha. What should I message him tho for us to meet up? I dont want to be like lets talk because thats too intense. I've said I liked him like twice before when I was drunk also, so do you think he would just ignore that? I dont want to feel like Im annoying him? maybe he needs some space, but I dont want to leave without talking.. Im leaving in two weeks, do I do it ASAP or right before I go?

    • I don't think he'd ignore what you said when you were drunk, just I've been in a similar situation and when I talked to the guy about it he said he always just thought it was something I was saying because I was drunk that I didn't really mean. I'd just send him a message soon asking if he fancies a catch up before you go? I'd do it sooner rather than just before you go because it gives you more time to make it happen, a rushed/last minute convo would be too pressured and you might explain yourself badly because you think you have to do it asap (if that makes sense.) If you're worried about annoying him, ask him once casually and if he doesn't respond that might be a sign in itself.

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