Do guys ever develop feelings for a girl they are having sex with? Or want something more even if it started as sex?

Like say a guy met a girl he was so attracted to. They both had sex and it was great and so they did it again and again a few more times the next week or 2.. Would a guy ever think of wanting her to be his girlfriend or making it more serious or taking her out? Or does it happen naturally? Like eventually he's like damn I actually like this girl more than just her body?

I don't get why people say if you give a guy sex right away that it turns guys off. Isn't it better to know if you're sexually compatible? What does having sex early on even have to do with how much a guy wants to date a woman if he likes her?


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  • It's hard for me to say exactly, since lust/love can be really blurry for a guy.

    I definitely have started relationships just overcome with desire, starting off very frisky even on a first date, only for those feelings to grow into desires for such a woman to become the mother of my children, to tell her I loved her, and she the same to me (usually after about half a year or so).

    Yet I've never really been the player type. I don't tap it and move on, I want to stay around and tap it a second time, third time, 100th time, etc. :-D

    I think this happens when you start off frisky and have sex rather soonish, but they luckily find afterwards that you two had an incredible amount in common all along. That one girl for whom I fell so deeply was like that, we shared the same taste in music, she even liked video games (and originally beat me to a game she introduced me to until I got good enough to beat her back, then she got all mad), similar taste in films (not perfect, but maybe half the films I loved she also loved, and vice versa).

    Initially it was very lusty, but I discovered a soul mate after.

    • Oh and definitely, we were extremely sexually compatible. That was what we started with there.

    • The downside to me about having sex soonish and discovering if you are sexually compatible (which I agree is very important) is that you might find someone that has mutual interest with you sexually, but hardly anything in common or anything interesting to do outside the bedroom. Most of my girlfriends when I was young and dating around a lot and looking for love were like that, since I had a tendency to kind of elevate the relationship to frisky level quite quickly (usually anywhere from first to third date -- I just couldn't help myself back then).

    • I really appreciate your answer! Thank you!

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  • Just ask if he would like to date or want something more than just sex. It is possible that he may or may not , but you'll never know if you don't ask him.

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