Asked me out but doesn't text back?

There is this guy, and we kissed and it was really nice we talked long. The next day he told me that he had such a good time and asked if i wanted to go out with him. He told me that i should let him know when i could go out with him. Now a week later we have been texting everyday but he didn't answer my last message. Why? Does this mean he is not into me anymore?

And what should i do know?


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  • ... you were supposed to let him know when you were available to go out again.

    not text for a week like buddies.

    • So what does he want me to do?

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    • Oke but what if he doesn't like me?

    • then he'll say politely say no =)

      and you'll know where you stand.

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  • He may be busy or just not great at texting. I wouldn't worry. He seems to really enjoy your company and like you. He may not answer every text promptly, but it doesn't mean he isn't into you anymore!


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  • This is one reason why us guys tell girls when we're gonna take a shower cause if we don't y'all panic. Just relax you're overthinking

  • Maybe he lost his phone?


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