I dont respect him why?

This white guy.. i liked him but i didn't respect him at all, in some way i didn't fear him at all, why is that? because of that i would constantly challenge him and undermine him and worst way... he liked the way i treated him and thought it was 'kinky' but i didn't respect him at all, maybe because he was white? (white guys are pretty much softer then other ethnic men, they are a bit more respectful). I generally dont respect a lot of men but thats because they tend to let me get away with a lot (im not ugly) and i dont fight them worthy to change...


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  • So you don't respect a lot of men because they 'let you get away with a lot'. Then you met this white guy who was nice and did respect you, so his 'softness' made you unable to respect him?

    Hm. Okay. So it appear that you simply are incapable of respecting anyone.

  • So wait... are you telling me you WANT to be afraid of a guy?