Rejected should I ask again?

So I used to work with this girl, she started getting a bit obssesed (asked her rich best friend to apply for a job at our firm, everyone knew him and were sceptical about it).

So she initiated two dinners previously and I wasn't in a good situation to make a move ( she knew i was interested and I made it clear that I just out of a very tough relationship/break up) - i mistakenly called her bro once and she was offended saying "Even you call me bro and friendzoned me".

Fast forward a few months I left the firm (she was sad about it and initiates our last dinner).. I initiates contact via text she would respond real quick and sent me photos of her new house without me asking she even said "her red covers are the most romance she'll be getting any time soon).

Last but not least, I initiated a dinner this time, she said a straight yes and to pick her up at x time from x locations.

A few hours before our scheduled time she texts in a very dry tone that she's busy today and she can't make it - I played it cool and said we'll do it some other time.

For some reason I started developing something for this girl, is it too late? Should I try asking her out again?


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  • I don't see an issue with asking her out again. Tell her that you're over your insecurities and you're very interested in her. If she would be willing to give you a chance, you'd love to take her out again.


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