My contact name in his phone is 'Tinderella'... is this a good sign?

So... I started talking to this guy on tinder a few weeks ago. We met last weekend and went out for brunch, and have been talking every day. He texts me good morning almost every day, and we usually text until one of us falls asleep. We were together all day today, going skating, to a market and had lunch together. He also kissed me. Then we went back to my house (that I share with 4 roommates) and had a super awkward encounter with one of my roommates and her boyfriend. He texted me asking if I'd be ok with leaving, and I saw that my contact name in his phone is 'Tinderella'... I don't really know how to respond to that... is it a good or bad sign?

I also feel like I should add, we've talked about it and both of us are looking for something that might eventually turn into a relationship, not a hookup...

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  • I said Bad Sign but then I found this on Urban Dictionary "An attractive female discovered through the tinder dating application."


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  • it's cute i guess. he met u on tinder


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