Why aren't I being approached by many guys?

I'm cute (Or at the very least i've been called cute and a babe by a lot of guys)
I'm a bit shy and introverted, so I don't relly notice a lot of peope, unless i'm specifically looking at someone
I'm classy, but not materialistic
I'm a nice girl, i'm bubbly, though I do have a resting bitch face when people aren't talking to me (I just don't smile when i'm not doing anything or talking to someone)
I'm kind of hard to get (Not playing hard to get, but actually am hard to get)
I'm Ukrainian, so all my life i've been taught that a guy has to approach me first and that I can't ask out a guy or tell him how I feel before they do (I know that's not a very good thing, but i'm a traditional girl and I like tradition)
I also see lots of guys staring at me and checking me out, making cat calls and stuff, unfortunately not many of them approach and when they do they say hi and run away.

I'm not quite sure what's wrong with me, i'm small so i'm not really scary. Can anyone help me?

bump~~~~~~~ help me please?
? Help? Anyone? Anyone at all? No?


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  • Maybe guys think that your already taken. And they think maybe that you might reject them if they flirt and try to get your number. Guys are afraid of getting rejected to.


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  • let me see what you look like


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